Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Have a Hero"

I've come up with something I thought would be fun to do with Kevin while he's out. It's called "Have a Hero". Each month of his mission he will come up with someone he considers to a hero to him. It can be anyone, someone from the scriptures, a deceased person or a living individual. He's supposed to let me know who it is and why they are. I thought I'd be fun now but also something kind of neat for him to look back on a few years from now and see who his hero's were and why they were. He told me his hero's would be in no particular order. Check back each month for his new designated hero!
Kevin's "Have a Hero" for the month of the December is Elder Jeffery R. Holland. Kevin says Elder Holland "is always willing to speak his mind and has no reserves about it because he knows God is pleased with him. He is not worried about anything other than just speaking what God would have him speak. He answers only to God and to his servants. I love it. I love his conviction, I love his knowledge and dissection of the scriptures. I love his passion. And he is funny and nice on top of it all! He is my December hero."

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