Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy '13

Lucky number thirteen! At least it will be in this family. Sean is graduating this year! Bet that makes ya'll feel old. Haha well sweet. The start of the year has been great for me thus far. New Year's was pretty uneventful for Elder Davis and I. Other than the whole having-to-go-in-early-for-fear-of-many-drunk-drivers thing and being awoken at 11 PM because of all the loud fireworks, the new year passed pretty quietly for me. Any good new year's resolutions ya'll are working on? Currently I am sick, taking augmentin for what the mission doctor believes to be a bacterial infection. I have been sick now for about 6 weeks. I figured it was just the norm, a sinus infection that would eventually go away. Well it didn't, and hasn't. The doctor, like I said before, in the MTC thought it was viral, but seeing how it hasn't gone away in due time, they figured I had ought to take something for it. And consequently, I have been sleeping extra long in the mornings, trying to shake this off. But I am fine. I haven't had to miss any appointments or anything because of it, just been missing some of the studies in the morning and exercising. Hopefully it goes for good this week.  Nothing really new to report on work wise. Still no baptismal commitments, although we are close with a few. We have been biking a ton recently, which has actually been pretty refreshing. Elder Davis ran over a dead opossum in the road the other day, that completely made my night. Hahaha let me see what else... Oh in the class we taught at church yesterday a lady (yes she is a member) told the class about the gift of tongues. The only problem was that she taught complete false doctrine  Plus, we had an investigator in the class. That wasn't super fun. A lot of the religions down here believe that the gift of tongues is where you start to shout and holler and roll around on the floor because the Holy Spirit has come upon you. And it happens because it is something that is very intimate between you and God, and makes it so Satan can't listen to you praising God. I dunno. I've heard a few people explain it and it just gives me the creeps personally. But that was what she was explaining to the class. And of course, we know it is to help preach the Gospel. In Acts you hear about it all the time! Anyway, I guess I just didn't realize people believed that way. So that was interesting. But the work is progressing, and I am doing great. Happy to be here where I am. I love you all, you are in my prayers. Can't wait to hear from you! Love, Elder Smith

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