Monday, January 28, 2013

It's in the 70's here =)

Thought I'd just let that sink in a bit. Haha well, this week has been a very good week for us! We either exceeded or met almost all our goals this week. We have 3 baptismal dates with people, all on March 2nd if you can  believe that! Things have been really great. I'm improving so well in terms of obedience. I am obeying now more than ever with exactness. The desire has always been there for me, but I am just starting to see just how much the Lord is helping me obey because of my righteous desires. I love the people here, they are taking such good care of us. I got sea food for the first time while out, fried flounder and shrimp creole. Yum! ;) It actually wasn't bad. I have had fish tacos thus far as well. A word of advice, please don't serve the missionaries spaghetti. They will tell you they loved it and will eat is, and they may actually really enjoy it, but we get spaghetti or lasagna out here like nobody's business. And apparently that's how it is most of the time in the states. But it is good. I'm maintaining a great weight of 135. It feels wonderful! One of my goals for the transfer is by the time the transfer finishes I want to look as ripped as the hulk. Hah not really. But I have made some goals to have a more healthy body. Just by way of clarification, I am still indeed with Elder Davis, he is just now training me in conjunction with being district leader. My thoughts spiritually this week have been turned to our testimonies. Have you ever wondered why so many people fall away from the church? Why after serving a mission they ever would or even could leave the church? Maybe at times in your lives you have seen or felt like you had a testimony that God was real, or that Joseph Smith was really a prophet, but you weren't acting on it. Or maybe you believed that you didn't know those things were true but upon further inspection and realization you did in fact all along know that those things were true. Well, in my studies of Laman and Lemuel, I have found the answer as to why that can happen. In 1 Nephi 17:55 you get a great account of Laman and Lemuel. Remember, they have heard the Lord's voice, seen an angel more than once, have been led by the light the Lord provided them, not by fire and have now been shocked by Nephi through the power of God. Then they say: "We know of a surety that the Lord is with thee." That sounds like just about the best testimony anyone could give. I KNOW that the Lord is with thee. And this isn't the first time they have said similar things. And yet, they fall away. And forget. And tell themselves and let themselves believe they never received a witness. But is it really because they didn't believe it in the time, or was it because they just were lied to and told to forget? It is my testimony to all of you that they did know it was true. That the Lord is real, and that Nephi was a prophet. Yet that wasn't and isn't enough. Satan is the father of all lies. He can lie to you over and over and over until you don't know what to believe. The reason people fall away, and the reason Laman and Lemuel fell away was because they loved the things that the world, or Satan, could offer more than what the Lord promised them. They didn't act on their testimony, they didn't let God work within them. And the same thing can happen to you and me and all of us. If we don't "choose ye this day whom ye will serve," you will fall away. Our testimony is not something we can just expect to be there forever. It takes work and effort on our part. If you and I don't love the things God has in store for us, or do not keep His commandments, our testimonies mean nothing. You and I are never safe from falling away. And to think any differently is what Satan would have you think. "Keep the commandments, in this there is safety, in this there is peace." I love you all! Go out and do some missionary work, and let Jesus Christ change you each and every day. With all my love, Elder Smith

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