Saturday, February 9, 2013


I am coming home a week earlier from my mission I have just been informed. This transfer is only going to be 5 weeks instead of 6 weeks because of things with the MTC. Therefore, a week has now been shaved off my mission. :( In other news, 2 of the 3 baptismal dates have been dropped, which is a bummer. But no worries. They'll come around eventually! I was thinking a lot about ya'll last night and this morning, I hope you are doing well. Sounds like Sean has got a lot of things going on that are pretty exciting. Just felt a fraction of the joy that i was going top be able to share with ya'll after I have to leave my mission. Not looking forward to that day except to see and hug and talk with ya'll. I miss you tons! This week our zone is doing a "power week" where we are trying to push the bounds and limits that seems to have been placed on our area. Our goals are super high, but I know we can accomplish them. Hope Valentine's day goes well for you all. It sounds as though I may be going on a blind date that night, so that'll be fun. (More to come on that one later) ;) Next week I'll explain. But you have nothing to worry about. A week or two ago we taught a family in our ward the Word of Wisdom. The background on this family is they are in their mid 30's, kinda overweight, and love LOTR and RPGs and all that sci fi stuff. Well, we love them. They feed us lots and are so cool. But as we shared the WoW (not to be confused with World of Warcraft, Josh) with them, they mentioned they follow it very well already cause he has kidney problems, and before he was even investigating the church he was living it because of the diet restrictions  Well anyway, when we heard they were living it almost perfectly, we decided to take it further and asked them to examine their lives more closely and see if they couldn't find ways to eat healthier and be more healthy. Well, I didn't realize this, but after we left Elder Davis mentioned that it definitely could have come across as though we were trying to tell them to go on a diet. And of course it was not that way AT ALL, but, I can definitely see how they might have taken it like we were telling them to... Oops! We fretted about that one for awhile afterward. Hahaha they really are like the coolest people ever though. In an effort to write more individually, I'll end my letter here. But I pray for you all daily, if not more. I miss you dearly. Go out and share the gospel with someone this week. Pray for a missionary opportunity, and I promise you will get one. With love, Elder Smith

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