Monday, February 11, 2013

Kevin's February Hero

Here is Kevin's Hero for the month of February. It's Nephi from the Book of Mormon. Nephi has always been a hero of mine too, but I like all the things Kevin reminds us of about Nephi.

"I have been studying recently in the book of 1st Nephi, so i'm going to have to go with Nephi (the first). He is quite the man. I don't know how he did what he did, but I just can't even imagine. When his brothers were complaining, he was strong. When his parents AND his brothers were complaining, he was strong. He had angels protecting him, he built a very modern ship, and not only that, but made the tools himself in order to make the ship. He loved his wife. He had the Spirit as his constant companion. He was so close with God and knew the Spirit so well that when the Spirit told him to do something against what he had known to be true his whole life, he was able to do it, and recognize that God was asking him to do something. He got down. He was sorrowed. He didn't have by any means a cushy or easy life. And yet when he got down, he took faith and courage right away from the scriptures and from what God had already taught him. He never fell away, his testimony and faith were not shaken. Take Alma the younger, for example. He was an AMAZING man. Yet he had not always been that rock in the gospel. And yes, the reason we have the Atonement is to be forgiven, but it seems as though, as I read 1 Nephi, Nephi had so much less to be forgiven of than most. He honoured his father and mother, and even praised them to the entire eternities! Shoot, he even understood Isaiah. And that right there qualifies him to be hero of the month. He is the only person, (that I have come across thus far in studying) that has seen the Holy Ghost. He taught probably the best sermon on the Jesus Christ's doctrines i think in the history of scriptures. He understood the plan of salvation so well. I could go on and on about Nephi. He was so strong, he was even shown the destruction and downfall of his descendants and people. And it got him down, and he was really sad, and yet, he bounced right back, and gave glory and praise to God. I can't imagine being shown something like that. To know that my posterity were going to ultimately fail. I would wonder "why even try?" And yet, he pressed on. Nephi has taught me that there is no commandment that I have been given that I cannot follow. And that is huge. I now know, because of him, that I can finish emailing in an hour. I can get up exactly at 6:30. I can keep clean and pure thoughts. I can avoid using slang. Thanks to him we have the entire Book o Mormon. He is definitely a worthy hero."

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