Monday, February 11, 2013

Power Week

This power week was definitely a learning experience. We did not have anywhere near the amount of success we were shooting and hoping for. But, we tried our best, worked hard, and have visited with a lot of members concerning their missionary efforts. Which leads me to ask of all of you, do more missionary work. If you've been on a mission, then you know, but for those that have not, the way to do missionary work is the members find people to teach, the missionaries do the teaching. I can't tell you how much the work would be going forward if everyone here was looking for missionary opportunities and inviting people daily to church-related activities or discussions. Being out here like I have has increased my testimony of member missionary work tenfold. It is saddening and disappointing to see members who do not do missionary work, because they are keeping the work from progressing, and denying themselves blessings. Read this month's Ensign for more on missionary work. But it's my prayer that you ALL will decide now and each day to share your testimony, and to invite people to learn more about Jesus Christ's church. As I promised, I am going on a blind date. On Tuesday Elder Miller and I (yes, that is the same Elder Miller that you were asking about, dad) are going to be going to a blind valentine's date at an old folks' home for a service opportunity. We are going to be fed dinner, and are going to just sit and talk to and get to know those who need a friend. Elder Davis will be on a trade off in Perdido, and so Elder Miller, (who is also being trained) will come here and we will work together. He is a transfer behind me. That will be my second trade off in which I received the person being traded off. It's a bit trickier just because you are the one who has to plan everything and basically you are the senior companion for the day. But it's a good learning experience. I hear ya'll in Utah are just getting POUNDED with snow and cold this year. Sounds like this has been a winter that will not soon be forgotten. On the other end of the spectrum, tornado watches and whatnot still come into play a lot here. You have never seen rain like what it rains here. Imagine an airborne river coming down. That is what it is like. It's outrageous! Elder Davis just found out a friend of his, who is a girl, is coming to this mission. That's a huge concern right now in the mission. With the new influx of sister missionaries, they are really concerned about the whole opposite sex thing. I found out at district training this week that the mission could very well be split into two by the summer. Not sure yet, and nothing official has been said at all, but I may end up serving in two different missions. And like I said, that is just what President Jensen thinks. No one has told him that, and there is really no evidence to back it, but he thinks it may happen. Well, I love and miss you all. Can't wait to hear from you next week. :)

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