Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The latest from Elder Smith

Elder Smith got to speak and sing in church on Sunday! He said it was a neat experience and that he enjoyed himself. He spoke on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon and sang a song called "One Voice"! He forwarded a message sent out from the church missionary department, concerning the new change in policy as it relates to missionaries and emails. It says in part, "all missionaries may communicate by email with family, friends, priesthood leaders and new converts." It went on to say, "Mission presidents are to set the time limit for emailing on P-day." Although the mission presidents of the respective missions set the time limit on emailing, his mission president is allowing them in Kevin's mission, a two hour time limit for emailing and writing letters on their p-days. Kevin said, "I'm fairly excited for it!! I can now email, which is way faster than writing letters. But 2 hours, that is it! That is family, friends, the mission president, whomever." This is good news for all of us! He also shared that the two baptismal dates previously set for new converts have been dropped but remains very optimistic for those investigators. He and Elder Davis had a great week last week as they "hit 20 lessons for the first time" since being out! He hopes all is well with everyone back home and that we're "being obedient to God's commands!" =)


  1. So exciting for the email thing. I can see it being a great blessing for the missionaries :)

    1. Thanks Brooklyn! Definitely to those of us on the receiving end too! There's been a few weeks Kevin just hasn't had time to send an individual email to even his mother!!