Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Missionary life is going well. I love it! We now have 2 people committed to be baptized, and I am stoked! Both for the month of May. We also went to PCC on Saturday. It was pretty cool. It stands for Pensacola Christian College. As you can imagine, here in the South, the Bible belt, we were not received all that well. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure you can find PCC on Wikipedia. I would look it up. Like BYU rules times a zillion. Way strict. Anyway, we got invited to a Russian Bible study up there from an investigator, so we went there, and well, got stared at by just about everyone. One guy, as we were leaving, came up to us laid into us for being there. We were allowed to be, we checked in with security, but he just could not wrap his head around Mormons coming onto a "Christian" campus. Needless to say he was not happy to see us, and let us know that! But our investigator, she is way nice. We met her at a softball game. She came up to us and asked who we were, what we believed, and all that. Gave her a BOM, said she'd love to read it. We actually had no intentions of going there, but we both felt like we needed to stop and hope that someone would talk to us. And she did!......."

 Kevin's Have a Hero for the month of April is the Prophet Joseph Smith "My hero for the month of April is Joseph Smith. There is so much to be said about Joseph Smith, and all that he did. Firstly, he was a great boy. He wasn't just someone to be looked up to as a man, he was always an example for good, even living in a time where the gift of the Holy Ghost wasn't even on the earth. He studied the Bible much during his early youth, by himself. Just because he loved God. He had faith in Him. He was willing to trust in God, and not lean to his own understanding. His simple act of faith, a prayer, changed the world forever. He showed just how powerful prayer can be. As a young adult he was mocked and belittled. He was beaten, bruised, and bled. Besides the Savior, we learn from modern day prophets, that he did more for the welfare of the entire family of God than any other person who has ever walked the earth. Elder Holland always gives credit to Joseph Smith. He related that from him, we have more scripture than by any other prophet. He was thrown in jail, spat upon, starved, falsely accused, and yet found great joy and comfort in God's promises. He left his wife and children knowing full well that he would never, in this life, see them again. His faith and trust in God was immense. He got to see the Resurrected Lord and our Eternal Father, together. He issued in the first temple work in thousands of years, let alone baptism, confirmation, and the sacrament. He loved his enemies. All of them. Even in jail, he was still trying to preach the gospel. I could literally go on for ages, but to put it simply, everything that I now know and enjoy, I owe to Joseph Smith. Most importantly, my family can be together forever because of his simple act of faith. It is true what is said. Joseph did indeed move mountains by his faith."

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