Monday, May 13, 2013

After having the opportunity to see Elder Smith's face and hear his voice yesterday for Mother's Day, I can tell you that he seems to be enjoying every moment of his missionary experience. It is so apparent that he loves the Lord, loves the work, and loves the people. He's in the Bible belt part of the country where the Baptist religion is very prevalent, but works hard to both create and find opportunities to share the gospel. He and his companion are looking forward to an upcoming baptism of an investigator at the end of this month. He has started and is committed to a recent workout routine which he is excited about and joked about how "different" he'll look in 7 months when we see him again! He's grateful for the encouragement and support he feels, but like missionaries do......he'd like more! Any email or snail mail contact you could have with him, he'd greatly appreciate!
May's Have a Hero

This month Kevin chose me, his mother as his hero. After stating many things, most of which are too personal to share, he said, "......I wouldn't have it any other way." So here I am, feeling humbled and honored that he considers me a hero. I hope I can continue to do things that will qualify me as such.

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