Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Campus missionaries

"This week was excellent and things are looking up here for Mobile!............We have found some sweet people. I love the people of the South. They are so kind. Literally everyone will talk about God in almost every situation. Doesn't mean they want to convert, but everyone here has such a strong relationship with God and Chris. Our meeting with the president went great. He and Sister Smith sat in on our companionship study, and had only good things to say.........We asked him about working on the campus of USA (University of Southern Alabama), and he told us that if we could find out what we had to do to be able to work on campus, we could be campus missionaries next transfer. So that is what we have been doing and working on. There is no LDS Student Association at USA, and that is the big obstacle we have to over come. Because if there were, we could go out on behalf of the club and try to recruit more members, therefore we could proselyte wherever we wanted on campus. But because there is not one, we cannot do that. So, that is the task! To set up an LDSSA on campus. And that requires lots of stuff ........ But, is that not totally crazy? We could be campus Elders in a week and a half! We also set to baptismal dates this week. Both of them are with 9 year old girls, whose family members are members, but have yet to be baptized. One for August 10th, the other for August 31. So we are pumped about that! We had a woman and her husband, she is a member, he is not, come to church yesterday too. Hopefully we can find a way to help him into the gospel! We are going to spend some of pday there today. There also was a family who has not been to church since I've been here who came. So things are happening! It's awesome. I love seeing people change their lives. There are 30 people coming out this transfer, and 30 the next transfer!! Crazy, huh? We already have 200 missionaries in this mission....."

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