Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July's Have a Hero

Elder Smith's Hero for July is his current companion, Elder Dattilo. “He is a fantastic companion! He served an honarable full time mission in Brazil for 13 months. He was sick with infection the entire time. Hardly ever let it effect him work wise though. As a result, he had to go home early but received a letter for having served an honorable mission........ It would have been totally fine to have moved on with life, but he said the he couldn't have lived with himself knowing that he denied missionary service.........So he resubmitted his papers. He worked quietly on it, didn't tell many people. He got his call, and four days later he was to enter the mission field again. He is an amazing example of magnifying callings. He by no means had to come back out. In fact, by the church's standard, he had already served faithfully. But he wanted to go up and beyond that. His attitude here is one of optomism. He feels like he can do anything the Lord asks of him. He has had some super difficult times since being back out. Under a week before he was supposed to come back out, one of his best friends died. And then another of his friends died since being out. And yet, he stayed out here. Again, he coud have gone home, but he stayed. He pushed through the pain and hurt and discouragement. He conquered the fears Satan was tempting him with. He serves me daily. And he doesn't do it out of duty. He does it out of love....... When he falls short, he immediately picks himself back up and keeps an eternal perspective. I could go on and on about Elder Dattilo. But without a question, he is my hero this month. He is an amazing person, and I learn something new from him each and every day, just because of his example.”

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