Monday, August 12, 2013

Recent Baptism!

A young girl named Courtney that Elder Smith and his companion have been teaching was baptized by her grandfather on Saturday and he couldn't be more excited. He said, “that was definitely a great experience!” Below are pictures at the baptism.
Elder Smith continues to experience headaches and sinus issues but is being treated and hopes that they subside. He said they're tough to kick but he continues to work through it.
In other news he shared, “Elder Datillo made the decision this week to stay as long as he possibly could, which is going to be Jan 2nd. He is a champ. He had the option of ending earlier, and chose to take the high road. Mad respect for him. I am learning a ton about true discipleship from him! We had a missionary from Toxey with us on Wednesday while his companion was transferring. That was extremely fun, being in a trio...........As for the USA campus, we have all the students we need on board, we have a student advisor, leaders of the LDSSA have been called, and so now all we will be waiting on is the University to okay the association, and then we will be able to work on campus!! I'm very excited about that. Feels like we are making a permanent change in the right direction. The stake has been trying to do this for years.............We were able to talk to the wife of a member who is not currently active, and she is wanting to learn about the church! So we will be seeing her tomorrow. There are loads of part member families here. I think that is where we will be focusing. Helping a family get on track to getting to live together for all eternity is the best thing I can really think of............”

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