Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kevin's Hero for August

My hero for the month of August is President Smith (new mission pres). I have already grown to love that man so very much. He has shown a lot of concern and involvement personally on my behalf, as well as on Elder Datillo's behalf. With me being sick, and Elder Datillo dealing with some problems he has not ever faced before, he has taken the time to listen. To counsel. To inspire, uplift, motivate, and love. He cares a ton about the people of the Florida Tallahassee Mission. He has shared personal experiences and examples in order to help Elder Dattilo and I. He responds to my emails all individually, and ensures that I know I am being listened to and helped each week. He delegates responsibilities in order to help the leaders of the mission grow and improve, and so he can have as much time as possible to do the most essential things. He came home from serving as a mission president in the Martial Islands in order to take care of a family emergency. He obviously knows where his priorities are, and his family comes first. He loves Sister Smith with all of his heart. He never served as a stake president before either time getting called to be a mission president, and yet he knows so much about working with members, so much as to how to find people to teach. He wants us to find as many people we can to hear the restored gospel. I'm sure it was extremely hard to come into a mission and take over the responsibility. But he knew he had been given keys, and that he was authorized to use those keys to help bless the mission. He knows there is a specific purpose for him being our mission president. He does not pretend to be President Jensen, and does not even try. He teaches by use of parables, much like Christ does. He is very good at giving compliments. While he was here, he made it a point to compliment us on what we were doing well. I am so much looking forward to learning and serving under his direction for the remainder of my mission!!

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