Monday, August 26, 2013

Really good week!

"Hey y'all. This week has been good. Really good. We had a fireside last night that went extremely well. It was all about missionary work, how to do it, why we do it, etc. Put on by the Ward Mission Leader. Super good. Had some investigators there, recent converts, a ton of members. It was a pot luck! The different things they learned about were sharing the gospel in their every day lives, missionary work through family history, reactivating members, and sharing the gospel through social media. Then they talked about the ward mission plan. The commitment left was for every family to have their own family mission plan. It was very uplifting, very edifying. Hopefully it helps the people of Mobile come into the gospel more frequently. Our Ward Mission Leader spoke in church yesterday. He brought 7 nonmembers to hear him speak. He asked some of his friends to come support him as he spoke and they responded favorably! I thought that was just amazing. Very very very cool to see. We will be having our first zone conference with President Smith tomorrow. I am really really looking forward to that. We have a member of the church who is not currently active but that LOVES the missionaries. He has committed to single handedly cook for 45 missionaries. Which means he is planning to cook for 90 people, he said, because he knows how much missionaries eat. He is amazing. Only has one leg, is in a wheelchair most of the time. but very very loving. He is paying for it all out of his own pocket. And when you consider that he is cooking snap turtle tail, gumbo, greens, biscuits, rolls, cheese grits, hominy, okra, peach cobbler, and undoubtedly more things, cause that is just how he is, that's pretty astounding. He has committed to come back to church, too! We should be seeing him there next week. :).......... I have been doing a lot of things that will come as a surprise to maybe all of you! This morning I sowed my pants that had a rip in the seam. Yesterday I cooked spaghetti noodles, black beans, chicken, and some spices and seasonings to make a tasty dish for 4 missionaries! I also made some garlic bread along with that. I have made some homemade fried rice, monkey bars, the list goes on and on! So yes, I have learned how to not be a slob and how to be a useful member of society (maybe "the household" would be a more applicable term). Hahaha but it's fun. I'm enjoying myself. Pretty much everything I'm cooking is my own recipe. Which is very exciting! And I was not really shown how to sew either. I watched an elder do it in the MTC, but God helped me out today to learn how! :) As you can tell, I am pretty excited. We are having tons of success right now. Saturday we found a lot of seemingly very solid potential investigators. We have 3 appointments, so we are very much looking forward to that.......... I love you all so much. God had truly blessed me in allowing me to learn from you and to love you. Thank you so much for letting me be an important part of your lives. I love you!" Elder Smith

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