Tuesday, August 6, 2013

LDSSA......slowly progressing

Well, neither Elder Smith or his companion got transferred this week. They're happy to be able to continue where they are. The LDSSA they're hoping to help establish on the campus of USA is slowly coming along. Kevin says, “The LDSSA is going well. The stake is moving quickly for us. By Thursday we are hoping to have names of officers to submit to the university. Then all we have to do is bug the university about the progress of the paperwork. Just gotta try to help them move it along for us.” I'm sure he'll keep us posted! He's excited about an upcoming baptism this week (Saturday). The baptism will be that of a young 9 year old girl named Courtney. The fact that he did not get transferred, he'll be able to see that through and is really looking forward to it. Unfortunately for Kevin, he has experienced rather severe allergies and some illness since being out. Most recently he's been suffering from headaches (4 weeks) and is in the process of some testing to better determine the cause. He continues to stay positive and work through the challenges of not feeling up to par. Please remember him in your prayers and pray for relief and treatment so he can continue to serve to the desires of his heart. Enjoy these photos he shared!!

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