Monday, September 16, 2013

Lightning, goals and transfer

Last week Elder Smith and his companion saw a lightning strike about 500 feet in front of them and they saw the smoke it created after it hit the post! That's kind of scary! Also, in spite of illness related issues with he and his companion the past couple of weeks, there were successes! He said last week, “......we had a totally amazing week number wise!! We exceeded most all of our goals.......we are having a lot more investigators show up in our pool now. I am really looking forward to keeping it rolling! We have a baptismal date coming up on the 21st.” In today's letter he shared, “We had some crazy numbers this week. Like, totally crazy, let me tell you. We exceeded or met almost every single goal. We had 4 investigators to sacrament meeting! Most I've ever had, I believe. I also got news that TJ (an investigator we worked with extensively) got baptized. Man!! I am stoked!!!!! Our new baptismal date is with a part member family..... We got the husband, who hasn't been in at least 5 years, to come to church too!! Holler!.....” He went on to say that his week was awesome, things are cooking there big time and there are huge changes taking place. Sounds like he'll have a lot to update us on in the near future! This week is transfer week in Elder Smith's mission and he says that his current companion Elder Dattilo is heading to Tallahassee to go work with the missionaries in the mission that are waiting for their visas to come in so they can go to Brazil. He will be helping them learn Portuguese. Kevin is getting a new companion and his area (the zone) is getting split in to a Mobile North and a Mobile South zone. Elder Smith continues to work hard, be excited about the work and better himself as a person and servant of the Lord.

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