Monday, September 23, 2013

Progress is at a fantastic pace!

“Elder Clayton is my new companion! And he rocks. He is from Salt Lake. And is a total boss! Went to Skyline High School. I am absolutely loving getting to be his companion. He really focuses on committing people to pray. Prayer is a huge thing for him. I love it! He has so much enthusiasm to be doing missionary work. The work continued to roll forth at a fantastic pace. All of the people we are currently teaching are part member families. We have 7 investigators. 3 with dates to be baptized. We had over 20 people at church who were either less active or investigators/nonmembers from our efforts. That is unreal, when you consider at the beginning of my time in the area they were averaging less than 100 people per week in attendance. Most of the people who came either came for the first or second time since I've been here. Like. Awesome... Things are just great. We split our area too, which makes it even more significant!!! We have been working very closely with the zone leaders, helping them with their maps, information about members, so forth. They also have no phone, so the past week we have been sticking pretty closely together with them. Other things that have happened this week: The LDSSA got approved. I feel very accomplished with that. The stake has desperately needed that for a long time. Grateful I was able to help in getting it set up. The other huge news has to do with family history. We scheduled an appointment with the head librarian at the closest library to our house to discuss the possibility of a family history class there. He LOVED the idea. We just found out the Mobile Public Library system is going to back it as their own program. All around Mobile we will be teaching classes on how to do family history. 2 times a month. And we should be able to turn those into teaching opportunities. That is HUGE. Like, amazing. We will be able to advertise at the libraries for the class, they will provide the resources... I am stoked. So. All in all, things here are just going wild. There is tons of work that is coming our way, and we have plans to have even more!!............. We have Elder Pino of the 70 coming this week to Crestview for a half mission conference. I am stoked about that!! Also, we have got a baptism coming up this Saturday. So pray for that!!! I am just so happy to be doing what I am doing. Serving God. I haven't found anything better than serving God with all of my heart might mind and strength. There is peace that you get that you can't get any other way. Your mind is clear, your heart becomes pure. It is worth all the effort that it takes to get here, to stay here, and to be apart from all of you. You all need to know that I love you, and would not be the person I am without you. Thank you so much!! Elder Smith

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