Monday, September 30, 2013

Urgent Care, Baptisms and Half Mission Conference

Elder Smith has been experiencing some chest discomfort/pain in recent days which required a trip to the Urgent Care. Based on the exam and findings with the initial tests, he will be undergoing further evaluation to better determine what is going on. Despite this, he continues to think positive and do what he can to serve. Regarding this he said, “.......I am not concerned. I got a blessing from Elder Clayton and things are good! It's just more of a guessing game at this point. But, the Elder Smith saga continues. :) I am not supposed to do any exercising or driving until I get checked out further. All I really have gathered from the past twenty four hours is that they have no idea what is going on with me! But the Dr. did say that it was almost certain, from his findings, that the pain I am feeling is associated or originating with the heart." He continued with, "Now, on to far less depressing topics!! Haha seriously though y'all, I'll be fine! The work here is going swimmingly. We had a baptism this Saturday! Elder Clayton baptized Mackphie and I baptized Aslinda. I'll send some pictures. :) Alsinda is 9, and her brother Mackphie is 8. It was awesome to be able to have them baptized together!! We also have two other baptismal commitments, with more on the way be assured! :) The Half Mission Conference with Elder Pino was justy great too. He talked very much about the doctrine of Christ, and how we can more fully teach the doctrine in our work. He also spoke, as well as President Smith, about our mission goal of 450 baptisms. They both emphasized concentrating and keeping our eyes fixed upon that goal. I got to see everyone that was in my MTC district, and I also got to see my previous companions, except for Elder Dattilo. It was amazing! I really enjoyed it. I was actually the one who drove the van to Crestview. :) President Smith is looking at sending one or two more sets out here to mobile, believe it or not!! Witth the campus opening up and Family History taking off like it is, he may send out some other missionaries! It's cool to see all that is happening here. What a spectacular blessing it is to be allowed to participate in this great work of God. :) …........I am happy! And it is raining. I love you all! Talk to you next week. :)" Elder Smith

 Please remember him in your prayers, thank you.

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