Monday, October 28, 2013

Change and No Change

Well, back to Pensacola for me! I am going to the Pensacola ward of the Pensacola stake! And get this... My companion's name is Elder Smith! Hahahaha oh man that is gonna be rough. "Hello, I'm Elder Smith" "Hello, I am also Elder Smith!" lolz out loud God must have a sense of humor! I am stoked to have my old Zone Leader back Elder Wilkey. He has honestly been my favorite thus far. There are 2 more sets coming into mobile as well! Sisters and Elders... It is ridiculous!! There will be 5 sets here in Mobile. That is a huge and awesome blessing, and to think, when I first got here we only had 2! I suppose I will spill the beans as well... I didn't tell y'all, but I actually have been training Elder Clayton this past transfer. It has gone great, I just feel badly because I haven't been able to help him like I've needed to being sick and all. I think that could be a big part of the reason I am getting transferred. President and I talked about that last Saturday. Also, I'm going to be serving as a district leader when I get to Pensacola. I hope that goes well... I definitely feel inadequate for that calling. I have not felt like the missionary I want to be or even once was with the whole illness thing. It has been a struggle keeping my desires to serve up! But as for the work here in Mobile, it continues to thrive and prosper. We have a baptism happening tomorrow. I'm stoked about that! Lee is doing great. I just gotta make sure tonight that he is completely ready. It has been a long process for him being Buddhist and all... I am sad to leave Angie, but I know that she will be baptized. I have faith that she will make the right decision. I've really grown close to the people I've been teaching, so it is definitely bittersweet to be transferring all over again! But I'm excited and ready for the change. Apparently my work here in Mobile is finished for a bit! And that's okay with me I suppose. And in regards to my health, I am still having the pains, not much has really changed. I have just decided to trust God and go out and work hard. I know that is all God asks of me. He has given me the strength to stand another day, and as long as I have that, I will go. I've been resting now for 2 weeks and have seen 0 improvement. So I figure my resting is not doing my health any good, and it is not helping the people I'm serving any, so why do it?! And that, after much prayer, reading my patriarchal blessing, and pondering, is my decision moving forward. :) I am loving my mission. I'm relishing the opportunity God is giving me to grow this upcoming transfer. I just hope I can do what He is asking of me. :) I love you all, I will try to get you the address of my new place soon!! Elder Smith

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