Monday, October 21, 2013

Down But Not Out

This is the email from Elder Smith today. A more current update to his condition follows at the bottom of the post.

 "So I called Dr. Rose last Monday night. He determined that it would be beneficial to see if I had mono! I have been hoping so badly that I have it, just so all these symptoms can be explained. Well, the text from him this morning was that I have had, in the past, both mono and CMV, but that there is no sign that they are currently effecting me. CMV, for those who do not know, is like mono. Just like a cold is less severe than the flu, however, CMV is less severe than mono. Dr. Rose calls it mini mono. So anyway, the news is that I still don't know what is causing the chest pains. They have been going now for 3 weeks. But, the good news is that we now all know that I have had two kissing diseases. So that's a plus, right?? Haha we will see how it goes moving forward. President Smith asked me on Saturday what I wanted to do. I told him I had no idea. I have been sleeping an extra 2-3 hours this past week, and have been feeling super guilty about it........President Smith said that was completely okay, and that I was not a horrible missionary for doing that. Ah. I just got off the phone with Sister Smith. President Smith is going to be giving me a call to discuss the options moving forward. Seeing as they now have no idea what is causing all this, I guess he and I and the Lord have some decisions to make. I'm sure they will keep you informed! Just so all of you know, however, I am going to do everything I can to beat this here, in the mission field. And that is all I have to say about that!
 Once again, on to far less depressing news. Things are totally looking up for the area!! We have a baptismal date a week from tomorrow with Lee, our investigator from Malaysia. And Angie is doing fantastic. We've been able to go back over and meet with her! We did it three days in a row this past week. :) .......We found yet another investigator last night through some part member family visiting. That has been so fruitful for us recently. His name is George. He is super awesome, and should be a great investigator. We feel as though, just from part member families, that there will be 6 baptisms taking place here in our area by the end of the year. Mark it down, that is what we are going for!! Plus anyone else we find through other means. :)
 But anyway, I love you all. I know that you all are doing your best to become more like our Heavenly Father wants us to become, and that gives me great joy. I am going to work on being submissive this week. I really want to just absolutely listen to all that God sees fit for me to do, say, see, etc. I love you, and I am sure I will be in contact about what is going on health wise!!"

 ***Note: The following is the most recent update since receiving Elder Smith's email earlier in the day: Doctors are pretty confident after tests to this point that he has had and continues to have a viral infection. They will treat his symptoms with a couple of medications, he will continue to rest as necessary and be monitored closely. All involved (especially Kevin) are hopeful that the treatment plan will be a turning point in his condition and he'll be on the road to recovery and be able to overcome this while remaining in the field.

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