Monday, October 7, 2013

Hurricane Karen & Conference

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good week. Here things have been out of the ordinary! "Hurricane Karen" was a huge joke. We were being prepared to evacuate, we had our 72 hour kits all ready to go. Nothing! It ended up coming ashore as a low pressure system. Not even a storm when it made landfall! So it of course was a relief, and a bummer too. Haha we have blue skies and almost no humidity it seems right now though. That's actually been a cool after effect. I really really enjoyed general conference. I was edified and strengthened. Many of you asked what my favorite talk was. I haven't really had a chance to ponder on it much, but I always love Elder Scott's talks. His was definitely up there again for me. As for my health, all is well I guess. The mission doctor did not seemed concerned with the pains I am feeling, so I am just bearing them and hoping they go away soon! Having an ultrasound done certainly was a new experience, however!! This week has been a bit of a lull. We had a trade off, had to get a baptismal record signed, 10 hours of general conference, apartment searching, flyer making, meetings with the public library, doctors visit, plus the storm drama. Needless to say we did not get as much work done as we would have liked/hoped for. Also, Angie dropped us. She texted on tuesday morning asking for space, and this morning confirmed the dropping. That has really had me down in the dumps. We had grown pretty close. I also have just not been able to do all I've wanted to do this transfer yet. I was hoping to be able to start this transfer off right. Turning over a new leaf. With all the time we've had to spend doing things besides proselyting, it has kinda whipped me. but I have determined to be everything that I can be with God's help, and let God do the rest. We are in desperate need of finding new investigators. So that will be the focus for us this week!! One talk that does come to my mind that I'd just like to mention - actually, this was a theme I saw in conference - small and simple means are great things brought to pass. On the other hand, Satan gets us with the small things as well. The talk by one of the members of the 70 in which he spoke of his grandparents deciding just one random sunday afternoon to go for a family drive instead of attend sacrament meeting changed their lives forever. It really is that easy, it can happen that fast. I hope we all can commit to living the gospel 100% all the time, every time. I love you!! Elder Smith
Pictures from last weeks baptism, MTC District at the Half Zone Conference & Elder Davis, his trainee, me and my current companion Elder Clayton

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