Monday, October 7, 2013

October's Hero

My hero for the month of October is President Thomas S Monson. He is an amazing man. I was inspired specifically by him many times this general conference. With his wife passing away, and all that has to follow as a result form that, on top of the pressures of being the prophet, he just smiles, waves, inspires, blesses, jokes. I love it. I love him! He talked to the brethren in Priesthood session about their home teaching. He did not call them out, tell them that they need to repent. He was perfectly mild and loving with his address. I know he wanted to rip into us about doing our home teaching. Some places get like 7% on their home teaching. And yet he talked of love, and kindness. He did not say to do it just because they cannot be saved without it. He said to do it because we love the people. He also was willing to mention that he was going to write in his journal that the Sunday morning session was one of the best he's ever attended. That is fantastic. Who says that in conference? I mean, that just shows how down to earth he is. It shows me that I can ALWAYS learn, I just have to want to. He is an amazing story teller. As a child, you can tell he was a handful. And yet, he turned into such an amazing man. He talks dearly of all of the previous general authorities that he has met. He associates himself with the people without prominence in the world. He visited the sick, and the widowed, and made friends with seemingly everyone he came in contact with. He is the prophet of the hastening of the work of salvation. He will forever be remembered for that, and must have been one of the choicest spirits of our Heavenly Father in order to be called as prophet at such a time. :)

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