Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fun, crock pot cooking and ties!

Hello! It has been a stormy day in Pensacola again. Seems like p'days here are always rainy! It's okay. As I have expressed before, I love the rain!!! The thunder was terribly loud last night. It woke both me and my companion up! But it was definitely worth it. :)
The beach and naval air museum last week was super fun and awesome. I have loads of pictures, but they are gonna have to wait until next week to be sent! My camera is nearly dead and most all the pictures were actually not taken on my camera. Anywho, it was a blast. Played some beach volleyball, collected some white sand, and saw loads of planes, including some blue angels! Sweet, right?
I got some sweet ties this past week too from a senior missionary who is going home tomorrow. Their names are the Watson's. In the beginning of my mission they are the ones that were older that were in the district pictures. Their replacements arrived Friday! It'll be sad to see the Watson's go. Nearly 8 months of my mission they have been in the district with me! But back to my original point: Elder Watson gave me some sweet ties!
For district activity tomorrow we are going to be playing volleyball and ping pong. Last night I made some chicken and vegetables in the crockpot that I'll serve there. We'll see how it tastes! I put carrots, onions, garlic, potatoes, peas, apples, tomato, tomato juice, water, salt, pepper, garlic powder and of course some chicken in there! I plan on getting all the solids out later today and then making a gravy with the juice left over from all that. And then I will cook some rice and serve like a chicken roast over rice and gravy type thing. Wish me luck! (I told y'all I have been trying out my hand a little more in cooking!)
 Let me see here... What else can I tell y'all?? Well, we should have a baptism either this week or next. The boyfriend that is trying to be baptized first needs to get married! They want to get married, planned to yesterday, they just have no money! So that is what is the determining factor. But he is super solid. He gives us rides and everything! He is very cool. Anyway, that is something we are looking forward to this week. They have asked Elder Smith and I to be their witnesses at their wedding. Everything is plugging along though. The work continues to improve, and I am feeling ultra blessed that I get to be a part of that movement. I hope y'all are doing well, and hope those in Utah are enjoying the snow! I love you.
 Elder Smith

Monday, November 11, 2013

Goals accomplished and then some!

Hello! I am emailing you from a member's home today. The Jasons. The one I played floorball with last p'day. And this p’day I am going to the naval air museum!!! Yeee!! Also gonna go to the beach and play some volleyball I think. I'm stoked! We hit every single one of our goals this past week. That has been a huge focus in the mission, and it felt amazing to achieve them! We exceeded many of them too. We were up above the 20 lesson mark again, which rocks. The district is doing really well. I am loving it! We had a trade off with the zone leaders this past week. It was crazy. Everything got twist, turned upside down!! It was hectic. Elder Smith has been experiencing some health challenges as well and is undergoing some testing, so hopefully when results come back, they’ll explain something!! Poor guy. He is not feeling well currently. He is facing the decision to go home or stay! It is definitely taking its toll. But we had interviews with President Smith. They went very well! I love all interactions with him. He mostly asked about my health. No surprise there!! Haha We found some new investigators this week. Which is significant because it has been a struggle in our mission! This week has been phenomenal. And I know that Sean and I say this every week, but I am short on time because of Veteran's Day, and all the fun things I am going to do for once on a p'day. It's only taken me a year!! Haha but I love you all. Know that I am happy and enjoying every minute of talking to people about God's love. :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Smith, Smith and Smith!!

It feels like coming home, I have to tell you. Being in the Pensacola ward is fantastic. Today bumped into a former investigator I had in Fox Run who is going to let me refer the sisters there to teach her again. Also on Wednesday, the first day that I was back, I saw one of the ladies from Fox Run that, while I was there, was having the hardest titme ever. I may have mentioned that this lady had had it worse than anyone I'd ever seen or heard. Well, I saw her at Wal Mart, and to my great surprise, she's active!! One of the people living at the house she rents got baptized!! And, not only that, but guess who baptized him?! TJ! Ahhhh. I got to see TJ on Wednesday too. Man, it has been awesome. I am humbled and feel beyond blessed to be back.
 As for the work in Pensacloa, it is going really well. We have a baptismal date we set yesterday with a 20 year old named Michael. He is getting married the week before and should be ready to go on the 23rd! So that is just awesome. Tomorrow we go on a trade off with the Zone Leaders, Elder Wilkey and Elder Frederikson. That should be very fun! We are gonna blitz the area... So we'll see how that goes! They are also going to be attending (and evaluating) my first district meeting ever! So that'll be kinda weird too I suppose. But I'm excited. Also, Elder Wilkey was my first zone leader! (Yep, he's still here) There is work to be done here in Pensacola, and I get the feeling I am needed here. Y'all remember me mentioning Brother Iosefa? Well, he and his wife are in this ward now!! They were one of my favorites from Fox Run. :) They are polynesian, and I sent a pic of him playing the ukelele? Yeah! Those ones. In this ward we have 4 missionaries: Elder Smith, Elder Smith, Sister Fisher, and you guessed it, Sister Smith!! Haha that has been causing everyone to lol out loud. :)
I talked to Angie via email today. And oh my goodness. I am so happy!! She said she is going to get baptized. That she has just had tons of fears and demons to get over. But that she finally feels like she is ready. I cannot tell you all how happy that makes me!! It just blows my mind. I saw her Wednesday before I headed out, she was one of the last ones I saw! But she really has been opening up, as I had been opening up! She pretty much just spilled all the beans today. And I still get to teach her a little something something every Pday! I am so grateful for that. It was not easy leaving that family! But luckily President has allowed me to continue to keep in touch and encourage her. :)
As for my health: It's the same. I actually woke up today with a monster headache. But I have determined not to let it keep me down! Well, I love you all. Miss you like crazy. But in the same breath, am so glad to get to be out here. It rocks! I love you!
Elder Smith