Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fun, crock pot cooking and ties!

Hello! It has been a stormy day in Pensacola again. Seems like p'days here are always rainy! It's okay. As I have expressed before, I love the rain!!! The thunder was terribly loud last night. It woke both me and my companion up! But it was definitely worth it. :)
The beach and naval air museum last week was super fun and awesome. I have loads of pictures, but they are gonna have to wait until next week to be sent! My camera is nearly dead and most all the pictures were actually not taken on my camera. Anywho, it was a blast. Played some beach volleyball, collected some white sand, and saw loads of planes, including some blue angels! Sweet, right?
I got some sweet ties this past week too from a senior missionary who is going home tomorrow. Their names are the Watson's. In the beginning of my mission they are the ones that were older that were in the district pictures. Their replacements arrived Friday! It'll be sad to see the Watson's go. Nearly 8 months of my mission they have been in the district with me! But back to my original point: Elder Watson gave me some sweet ties!
For district activity tomorrow we are going to be playing volleyball and ping pong. Last night I made some chicken and vegetables in the crockpot that I'll serve there. We'll see how it tastes! I put carrots, onions, garlic, potatoes, peas, apples, tomato, tomato juice, water, salt, pepper, garlic powder and of course some chicken in there! I plan on getting all the solids out later today and then making a gravy with the juice left over from all that. And then I will cook some rice and serve like a chicken roast over rice and gravy type thing. Wish me luck! (I told y'all I have been trying out my hand a little more in cooking!)
 Let me see here... What else can I tell y'all?? Well, we should have a baptism either this week or next. The boyfriend that is trying to be baptized first needs to get married! They want to get married, planned to yesterday, they just have no money! So that is what is the determining factor. But he is super solid. He gives us rides and everything! He is very cool. Anyway, that is something we are looking forward to this week. They have asked Elder Smith and I to be their witnesses at their wedding. Everything is plugging along though. The work continues to improve, and I am feeling ultra blessed that I get to be a part of that movement. I hope y'all are doing well, and hope those in Utah are enjoying the snow! I love you.
 Elder Smith

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