Monday, November 11, 2013

Goals accomplished and then some!

Hello! I am emailing you from a member's home today. The Jasons. The one I played floorball with last p'day. And this p’day I am going to the naval air museum!!! Yeee!! Also gonna go to the beach and play some volleyball I think. I'm stoked! We hit every single one of our goals this past week. That has been a huge focus in the mission, and it felt amazing to achieve them! We exceeded many of them too. We were up above the 20 lesson mark again, which rocks. The district is doing really well. I am loving it! We had a trade off with the zone leaders this past week. It was crazy. Everything got twist, turned upside down!! It was hectic. Elder Smith has been experiencing some health challenges as well and is undergoing some testing, so hopefully when results come back, they’ll explain something!! Poor guy. He is not feeling well currently. He is facing the decision to go home or stay! It is definitely taking its toll. But we had interviews with President Smith. They went very well! I love all interactions with him. He mostly asked about my health. No surprise there!! Haha We found some new investigators this week. Which is significant because it has been a struggle in our mission! This week has been phenomenal. And I know that Sean and I say this every week, but I am short on time because of Veteran's Day, and all the fun things I am going to do for once on a p'day. It's only taken me a year!! Haha but I love you all. Know that I am happy and enjoying every minute of talking to people about God's love. :)

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