Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Excited for the new year

It was great to see you all on Christmas. I loved it! I want you all to know that I have a testimony of our Lord and Savior, and that He was in fact born for all of us I love this season...... I am really looking forward to the new year. It feels like I am going to learn a lot in this new year. I'm excited about all the prospects the new year holds. We are going to be setting new goals for the mission, and are going to be setting new goals for ourselves. New year is such an inspired time of year! It should be renamed "the day of repentance" After all, it is the closest thing we come to as a nation in terms of mass repentance!! :P Some of you asked if I miss having the snow for this time of year. Yes, I definitely do! It's a welcomed trade off, but in terms of ideal weather, I really love the snow. Hmmm. Things are going really well for us. Since we talked, Elder Smith and I have found 5 new investigators! All in one day, might I add. We went out and just contacted loads of potentials, and did our best to talk to everyone! That is by far the most I've had in a day. Elder Smith talked with his family yesterday. That seemed to go well. We were again at the Iosefa's place. :) I am loving and using the gifts that were given to me. Thanks for all of your sacrifices for me. It has definitely made my life easier. :) I would like to report on the amount of candy I have. 2 drawers full. Yeah.... I am STACKED with sweets. I don't know how I will ever finish all that I have! I woke up sick on Saturday. Please pray it goes away! Haha I have strep-like symptoms, however, the mission nurse doesn't think it's strep. Well, since I saw y'all so recently there isn't much more to say! I hope y'all can grow closer to God this new year. I love you! Elder Smith

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Excerpts from a couple of emails in recent weeks

….......This district is AMAZING. Some of the most hardworking and obedient missionaries that I know. District meeting was a total blast. I love the district! I love the Spirit that comes from those district meetings. It is awesome to be surrounded and uplifted by so many good people. Time after time I am blown away by the things they are doing and the people they are. I have learned so much from each of them. And it's all been different! The new senior couple in the district, the Wrights, are awesome too! I have no complaints at all. The companionship is going really well. I have been totally humbled having Elder McEwan around. I am continuing on working through my flaws and weaknesses and shortcomings. And it feels great! Developing patience and love and diligence and humility. There really isn't anything better. :) We are still finding new people, the people we have are awesome and are progressing......... I had to take a little psychological survey, just to make sure that it was not mental stress that was the root of all my problems. I will be hearing back fairly soon on that, and I will let you know how it goes! But I am feeling fine. I have not had to take the headache medication that they gave me at all! Yee!! I have been on the biggest mail drought in quite awhile! I've been blessed the past 2 transfers until this week. But I've been told by a few of you that I've got some letters coming. Which is awesome! Here is an update on transfers: I am staying here with Elder Smith in Pensacola. My friend from the MTC is an assistant to the president. Elder McEwan is going back to Perdido with another missionary. So! Not much has changed for me this transfer. Just gonna keep on keeping on. :) I'm so happy! I'm looking forward to improve farther than I've improved before! I am committed this transfer to become all that God has asked me to become. This transfer I am putting together all the knowledge I've gained, and am gonna see what can happen from obedient, spiritual living! So i talked with the mission psychologist this week! It went very well.They halted all procedures and medical appointments on me and Elder Smith. We first needed to see if these things can be explained mentally, then SLC will clear us to find out things medically if they can't be worked out emotionally. So! That is what is going on with that. I seem to be fine. All the tests they had me do came back normal. But I did find out that I am a perfectionist, apparently!! So that's pretty cool. :).........I am happy with transfers. Michael got baptized on Saturday! That was awesome. I feel very blessed, even though I don't really feel as though I deserve it. We have a lot of work to do though! This entire transfer we have had at least one investigator to sacrament meeting. And this was the first week we did not have someone to be committed to be baptized! We have a guy who is very close, who had one last week. But that feels as though the date is stressing him a bit, so we had to drop it. But I am really hoping and praying for some more success this transfer. i have a feeling a lot will change. But hopefully I can keep the streak going! I have had a baptism a transfer the past four transfers, so I am praying that will continue on! :) I love you all. And miss you very much.