Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Excited for the new year

It was great to see you all on Christmas. I loved it! I want you all to know that I have a testimony of our Lord and Savior, and that He was in fact born for all of us I love this season...... I am really looking forward to the new year. It feels like I am going to learn a lot in this new year. I'm excited about all the prospects the new year holds. We are going to be setting new goals for the mission, and are going to be setting new goals for ourselves. New year is such an inspired time of year! It should be renamed "the day of repentance" After all, it is the closest thing we come to as a nation in terms of mass repentance!! :P Some of you asked if I miss having the snow for this time of year. Yes, I definitely do! It's a welcomed trade off, but in terms of ideal weather, I really love the snow. Hmmm. Things are going really well for us. Since we talked, Elder Smith and I have found 5 new investigators! All in one day, might I add. We went out and just contacted loads of potentials, and did our best to talk to everyone! That is by far the most I've had in a day. Elder Smith talked with his family yesterday. That seemed to go well. We were again at the Iosefa's place. :) I am loving and using the gifts that were given to me. Thanks for all of your sacrifices for me. It has definitely made my life easier. :) I would like to report on the amount of candy I have. 2 drawers full. Yeah.... I am STACKED with sweets. I don't know how I will ever finish all that I have! I woke up sick on Saturday. Please pray it goes away! Haha I have strep-like symptoms, however, the mission nurse doesn't think it's strep. Well, since I saw y'all so recently there isn't much more to say! I hope y'all can grow closer to God this new year. I love you! Elder Smith

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