Monday, March 10, 2014

Busy busy......

I am already loving getting to serve in Navarre! Just so you all are aware, I have a lot less time than I used to have, so... My emails are going to be cut drastically. I am so sorry! We found four new investigators in 2 days this weekend. We set a baptismal date, had an investigator attend sacrament meeting... It has been eventful already!! We had not had a BCD or investigator at church since Elder Frederiksen has been here, which has been 4 and a half months!! So I am stoked. Already this area is growing. We have not even had the easiest time adjusting. Elder Frederiksen has felt a little overwhelmed, a little scatter brained, and our planning has not been all that fluid, we had my first full day nearly an entire day of planning trade offs, district meetings, weekly planning, transfer goals... We didn't get out to go work until 7. And yet, the Lord is blessing us immensely. It's an amazing feeling! We had a rough time planning on Friday night after such a long day of already planning. I went to bed thinking it was a disaster. And yet, Saturday we found 3 new investigators. We rocked the house. And Ether 12:27 just kept ringing through my ear. It is a reminder from the Lord right from the get go that He wants me to be humble. That the success we are going to have, because I know we will have loads of success, is because of Him, and His grace and mercy. :) I have not yet fully unpacked. I am so busy! I have been to bed late nearly every night. Writing in my journal has been a nightmare. I haven't done it in so long! But I am going to get caught up. Well, I only have 6 minutes left, and I haven't even written anyone else yet... So, I will end here. I love you all so much! Elder Smith
 My new address is 8455 Coastal Breeze Ct Navarre, FL 32566

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