Monday, March 17, 2014

Spectacular week

Hello everyone! This week has been spectacular. I have already had many neat and awesome experiences. We had a trade off in Brewton on Tuesday. Wednesday we were invited to and attended the stake PEC meeting. We got home so late that night. The meeting went past 9 and we had about an hour drive home. Needless to say we got into bed late that night. And that was even without planning! Thursday we got a call asking for us to come give a blessing in a non member's home because of some strange happenings. Yesterday we were able to have 5 non members attend sacrament that we had invited or had been trying to invite. Sweet, right?! We also found 5 new investigators this past week, with many more people who will likely start investigating this week! I second the words of my wise "Elder" brother - Miracles are very, very real! Our zone is behind on our baptism total. We are needing or wanting to have had 19 people to have entered the waters of baptism as of yesterday, but unfortunately that has not taken place. We currently have had 4 people choose to follow the example of Christ through baptism this year. So! We have work to do. Elder Frederiksen and I have been mulling it over, really trying to evaluate how we can help those we have a calling to help here. And we've come up with some great ideas I think!! We have the blessed opportunity to speak and counsel with the stake president each week. Yesterday we spoke with President Curtis for about 45 minutes. He's currently in Africa, it was 2:30 his time. And yet he was so willing to get up in the middle of the night to talk and counsel with us. He is an amazing example of the law of consecration - giving EVERYTHING he has to God, holding back nothing. I would say I've been blessed with many examples of that throughout my life. Anywho. The work is progressing. Elder Frederiksen and I are working extremely hard to bring salvation to all that will accept the terms therein! And I am completely happy doing it. Once again, time is short. But I love you all! Can't wait til next week so I can tell you the miracles that will have taken place this week!
Love, Elder Smith

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