Monday, March 3, 2014

Transfer and Zone Leading

Yes indeed! Transfers hit and I am shipping out. I am going over to Navarre, which is still in this zone. That actually has been a slightly common occurrence with President Smith, that is, transferring people inner-zone. But I am stoked!! I am sad to report that Elder Wilkey is no longer my zone leader, and no longer the zone leader of this zone. I will be taking his place, however hard the shoes may be to fill. He was here 11 transfers as the zone leader! And I believe the best zone leader this place has ever seen. My new companion is Elder Frederikson. He came to the mission the same time Elder Dattilo came here to the FTM. He's awesome, and I am stoked to get to be his companion. As for the meeting with Elder Ballard, I am not sure that I will be in attendance. Things changed this week. Now only those who are within an hour and a half's driving distance will be permitted to go. The only chance that I have to get to see him will be if there is an MLC associated with him coming. For those of you who served missions, MLC used to be called ZLC. It changed from Zone Leader Council to Mission Leader Council. Anyway! I am of course hoping that that will be the case. But we will see!! Woah. Gotta get back into this. Just spent fifteen minutes on family search and puzzila, and found about 15 ordinances to do! Sometimes on p'days all I want to do is family history work. Like, I love it. I don't know if I told you, but last week I believe I sent about 45 people's names to the temple. I totally love it!! I wish I could do the work myself honestly. But oh well! Another year or so and I can, right?? It astounds me just how much work has to be done still. Some people on that sight are messed up beyond all belief. If only I had the time to fix them! Anywho. We got two extremely solid referrals this week. I am stoked about it honestly! They both seem to be golden through and through. :) Too bad I won't be here to teach them! I got a hair cut today, in case anyone is interested to know. Probably not. But oh well!! :) I don't think I have much more to tell y'all... Just that I love you, I love the Lord, and being on a mission is exactly where I want to be! Love, Elder Smith

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