Thursday, April 10, 2014

2 Weeks in the busy life of Elder Smith

Hello everyone!! As I am writing you this email, I am listening to Elder Ballard's talk that he gave yesterday. What a glorious blessing!! Not many people who have lived on this earth has had this kind of blessing from our Heavenly Father! I'm so grateful to live in the time we do. This is the first talk that I've listened to since being on here. I think it is the talk I would like to invite you all to go back and read and or listen to! It is amazing. Such a great missionary talk. I would love to get y'alls thoughts on it!!
As for me this week: It has been great! Trying, but great. MLC (Mission Leader Council) was a very sweet experience. Tuesday we had to go drop in on a district meeting in our zone due to some unfortunate circumstances. We cut everyone's miles by about 250-300 within our zone. We have been trying to plan for our zone training this week as well. That is going to be tomorrow! Anyway, very busy, very fun, very testing! And unfortunately we didn't get to spend much time at all in our own proselyting area this week. But! Next week will certainly be better. :)
Once again, I don't have a ton of time. I am sorry! I'll try to figure something else out so I can update you all some more. I love you!

Elder Smith

Hello everyone! Spirits are high today. It's been a great week! Went on tradeoffs with the assistants, it was awesome! I was with one of my friends from the MTC, Elder McPherson. It was great. We ended up having to do some emergency traveling around to the zones, but that is okay! That day actually was on of the more memorable of my mission. There was a tornado here! One of our members actually was in it... It lifted him off of his feet. It's actually a very dramatic story, but I can't do it justice here. He was trying to run from it but couldn't get any traction with the ground. He is okay, but couldn't have been any closer to death from what I can tell. That weather we had... Was the craziest thing I have ever seen! We were certain we were not to go out in it. And then we were half joking about how there was probably going to be a tornado from it. Well, there was! Multiple actually. Anywho. That guy came to church for the first time in awhile, and brought his daughters, who are currently investigators of ours!! Not many other people kept their commitment to come to church. But that is okay! They will make it. :) We had 3 trade offs this week. Felt like I was hardly with Elder Frederiksen at all! The work here is still pushing along. We have yet to have a zero week on new investigators. I am stoked about that! It means we are finding those God wants us to find! :)
I love getting to hear all that is happening with you all, once again!! People moving into houses, babies being born, birthdays, visits. It's great! I hope that things will continue to go well for our family. I have been trying to make a more conscious effort to pray for each of you all by name, and pray about the concerns you all may have or things you may be going through, and asking God to help in those trials. I wish I could say I had time every prayer, but I don't. But you are a topic of conversation with Heavenly Father and I. :) I love you so much! Until next week. :)
Elder Smith

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