Monday, April 28, 2014

A Tallahassee road trip and golden contact

Yes, that is right. I will be road tripping to Tallahassee for the first time since I entered the mission field! I haven't even caught whiff of the eastern half of the mission since day one. But my streak ends tomorrow. MLC is at the mission home this transfer. So we will be taking off at 10:30 tomorrow morning, staying the night in Tally, and then arriving home about six or seven Wednesday. You should see some pictures on the mission blog, so be looking out for that!! It should be loads of fun.
Saturday we had a great miracle take place! The very first man we talked to, and we talked to sooooo many people that day, was very, very prepared to receive us. We had made the goal going out that we were going to talk to every single person we could, and it payed off right then and there! The first house across the signal light from where we live is where he came out of. I was looking for someone we could contact! Well, I saw the door open through the foliage, I turned right into the driveway, not having seen him, but knowing that someone was coming out. We talked to him about family history, which led into a gospel conversation. He agreed to read the book of Mormon, explained that he was extremely open minded and has always been searching, and therefore hears all people out. We set an appointment, said a prayer, and then after the prayer is what really blew us away. He felt prompted to ask us 2 questions he has always had and has never found answers to: What happens after we die? Do we go straight to heaven or do we linger for awhile awaiting judgement? Second question: Why did God create us in the first place? What was the purpose? He then proceeded to tell us how he believed all that we believe about the hosts of heaven, living with God previously, and God creating this earth as a place for us to learn and to grow. It was... Amazing. He was seeking. Looking. So prepared of God to receive us. We testified that he was correct, and gave him Alma 40 to read, as well as the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. It was the only pamphlet I had on me. The only one! And it just happened to be the one he needed. Elder Buhler and I, and he, for that matter, went away beaming. All of us so edified and uplifted by the power of God. It was amazing. We have an appointment tonight. I will be excited to let you all know how it ends up going!!
I love you all. And I know that this work is true, and that we all have the potential of living with God again if we can only overcome our fears, doubts, idleness, and sin.

Elder Smith

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