Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Alligator Alley

Elder Smith is done in Navarre and got transferred last week back to the Mobile AL Stake. He's serving in Fairhope, AL with Elder Buhler, who used to be his district leader over him when he was previously in Mobile!

"Yes indeed! "Alligator Alley" is in my new area! I'm stoked to see me some gators. Both animal ones and human ones! Haha. Fairhope is an extremely nice area. By far the most wealthy city I have ever spent time in. It's very very pretty here. We are in a ward with 3 other companionships! There is a senior couple, a set of Sisters, and 2 sets of Elders here. Our ward is great! We have President Spencer as well, who used to be the 1st councilor in the mission presidency under President Jensen. So. I am stoked! We ate at the Stake President's house for Easter last night. We also have one of his councilors in our ward as well. Which, funnily enough, is considering taking a job for the FBI in Bakersfield, CA! Is that not cool or what? Haha. Easter was great. We had lunch with a family as well as dinner with the Jurgens. No, I did not get anything for Easter for those of you who asked. But! That is okay! Because there was tons of Easter candy here when I got here. Plus I still have some left over from Christmas, to be honest! Here are some pictures of me at Navarre beach last week. :) Anyway, we had a rough week this past week! The area of Fairhope is not doing all that well, unfortunately! But that is going to change, believe you me! Our zone however, is great. Super good missionaries from what I can gather. Not only that, but we are on track for our goals extremely well! It's a much smaller zone. There are only 20 missionaries, and 2 districts. It is drastically different from the Pensacola zone. Anywho, life is good. Elder Buhler got hit by a car on Saturday, but don't worry, he is fine!! We had an amazing experience on Saturday, earth day, out at the pier. There were so many people, and we didn't want the impression that we were just hounding everyone that we saw, so we just played it cool, and wished people a happy Easter, complimented them, etc. Well, the 2 people we did contact, were long lost members of the church who had not been active in a very long time. Their records were in the wrong ward, and no one knew where they were. And these are 2 different families, 2 separate experiences about ten minutes apart, mind you. Yeah... It was amazing being inspired to talk to them, and then finding out that they were sheep that had strayed! We got their names, phone numbers, address, and will be following up trying to help them come back. Is that not a miracle?! My time is running thin. But I do have a testimony that God lives! I will talk with y'all next week. :)"

Elder Smith

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