Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Many updates

Mom has been very delinquent in posting update for Elder Smith. Here are a few excerpts from recent weeks and this weeks email, along with some pictures. Enjoy!

"....Got back into by a member, and man that was awkward! They were so displeased.....
......Just saw a member at the library. That is always fun. We are actually eating at their place tonight! :) We taught a family history class at this library this week... We had about 20 non members between the 2 sessions show up! We also got to go on 2 trade offs! Actually, both have been spanish trade offs. It was so neat to be able to be spanish speaking for a day or two! Like, super fun.
We went to lambert's cafe, a super sweet place to eat down there. It is famous throughout the mission. It was a lot of fun! There is a HUGE outlet mall down there as well that we stopped at, Tangers. We played ultimate frisbee on the beach with the both foley companionships too. We stopped at alligator alley and at a thrift store down that way as well. It was a blast! We went down with the Daphne Elders. Anyway! Yes indeed. Zone training went very well! It was lots of fun. I love the zone we have. We've been going on tradoffs here pretty regularly. It's so great to get to know so many fantastic people personally week in and week out. Haha this past trade off there was a missionary who was looking through my ties and called after planning and asked if I would trade him... We ended up doing a 12 tie trade! Hahaha so funny. But it keeps things light and fun, and helps me connect with the missionaries. For the past 4 days now I have been itching soooo badly. Imagine insulation all over you... That is how it has felt. And boy has that been tough for me! It's kept me up at night. And it is extremely hard to be professional when you feel like you need to go grizzly bear style and scratch your back on the nearest tree!! Hahaha anyway. Things are good. I am really learning a lot. Recently the things I have been learning have been wayyyy different than I ever expected to learn. But I tell you, it has been amazing. I am just trying to change as much as I possibly can. And it ain't easy!! I sang in church with my companion this past week!..."

Now this week June 30th
"Today is the 15th day of the itching! But it is all good because I tied my course record in disc golf today. :) Haha but really! Can you believe it? The plan now is for me to get allergy tested in 2 weeks. Let's pray they get it figured out, cause I don't know how much longer my skin can handle the constant scratching! I went to another doctor this past week though. I have faith! At least it is just scratching, right??
Anyway. MLC is this week. It'll be a bit closer to home though, in Crestview, FL. We were able to set a baptismal date with possibly the most solid investigator I have ever taught this past week. He came to church yesterday, and went to scout camp today. He's 12 years old and just the kindest most sincere kid ever. His prayers are amazing. He speaks to God like he is speaking to his friend! He recently told us he was in 2 Nephi chapter 15... Wow! That has been a huge bright spot. We also had 2 other investigators come to church this past week. Things are really picking up. We taught the most lessons I have taught here in Fairhope this past week! Elder Miller and I seem to be more unified, understand one another better, and are teaching better. Happy to say that besides the itching, things are great!
I have been reading "Our Heritage" recently. And I have been floored at what is in there! I think I have neglected "my heritage" a little bit. Growing up, we know that the pioneers crossed the plains, we know Joseph Smith was tar and feathered, mocked, and killed. We know they were driven from place to place. But I had no idea all that went on. I still don't! But I have a much stronger desire to be obedient and follow the counsel of my leaders, and to give everything I have because of what they did for Jesus Christ. It makes me want to study it out even more!
Lastly, I am thrilled to hear about Drew's talk in church and the fun times that seems to have generated. I am sure there are some very bitter sweet times that will commence from now until he leaves, but I am so proud of him, and so glad you all are getting to witness these monuments in his life. I love each of you! And pray that you all will have a Spirit filled week. :)"
Elder Smith

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