Monday, July 7, 2014

On the move again

5 companions in 5 transfers... What the?!  Yes, you heard correctly. I am again getting another companion! This time I am getting transferred. To Callaway, FL! Going to go be a district leader again, and I am so happy about it! I have loved the opportunity to serve the zones of Pensacola and Mobile, but my heart has been in district leading for sure. Like, for sure for sure. And God has given me another opportunity to do it! Can't believe the past 5 transfers though... It has been a whirlwind no doubt about it! Anywho, that is the news for this week!
I am also still itching! Today marks day 22. :) Haha it has honestly been more funny than anything else, at least at this point. I'm used to it now, and although it still drives me crazy, I have been able to laugh about it. I go to the allergy Dr tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well! :)
So Cody, the kid with the BCD(baptism commitment date), was at scout camp this past week! Brother Atwood said "he put the members to shame" during the testimony meeting. Apparently his testimony was so pure, and so great, it touched everyone there. I love that kid! It's too bad I won't be here to see him baptized. He was even telling everyone about his date to be baptized on August 3rd! I am so happy. This area is popping, let me tell you! We had 100% of our lessons to investigators taught with members present this week. 6 of them! That has never happened in this area. We had 5 nonmembers at church yesterday, along with 2 members trying to return to activity!! I know that God's hand is here. I know without a shadow of turning that he leads and guides me daily. I always get so frustrated because of my flaws and weaknesses, and it is just the biggest showing of his power that so much is happening here. Soon they will have 7 investigators to sacrament meeting here, mark my words! Well, today has got a lot in store for me, so off I go... I love you all so much!!

Elder Smith

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