Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Half mission conference and happy!!

Hola mi familia! Haha it's funny, because we are teaching so many hispanics right now! Really though. We have four investigators with a potential or two that are mostly spanish speakers! It's awesome. Everything with the work is just really looking up. It's not perfect, but it is steadily improving each week, it seems. Right now we are still in the building phase of our work. Trying to get people to have enough faith in Christ to follow him into the waters of baptism. And while I do wish more people were choosing to enter into that covenant, I am glad my investigators understand how important that commitment is. And I still believe we will be able to see 4 persons baptized before our work is done here in Callaway! It's so exciting.
This week Elder Zwick of the 70 is going to be visiting the mission. It's very exciting! Thursday we have a half mission conference with him. And on Tuesday there is a leadership broadcast at the stake center with him. It's going to be awesome! Plus I get to see all of my friends in the mission, and meet a lot of people I have never met, since I haven't been on this half of the mission!
There really isn't much more to report to you all... I am extremely happy! Trying to do my best to magnify my calling, consecrate all I have to the Lord. Obviously, I am not all the way there yet, but I am really working to overcome all the shortcomings I have! The Lord has been making up for them bigtime recently. :) We are so blessed!

I love you all. Elder Smith :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Positive things this week

Hey hey hey! Cool things this week, as always! President Smith has asked us all to try to strive for 15 lessons a week. Well, this week, our district was able to average over 15 lessons a week for the first time! It was awesome. Super sweet accomplishment. No one had under 13. We are hitting our goals and helping people progress! The sisters have a baptism this week, and I feel like we will have a few right afterward following suit! We had a miracle take place this week. We met up with Anthony!! It was awesome! He is living down here in Panama City now. Got a place to stay, has a job... And so we should be teaching him this week! As you will remember, he is the one that walked from AL down here. It was awesome!! We also were able to use our priesthood this morning. We got a call right as we got on the computers to email that one of a returning members' sons was on his way to the ER. He got his foot crushed in some sort of machine. We gave him a blessing of full healing, and we just received a call that he was going to be released, no surgery needed, and only had 3 broken bones. It was amazing, the spirit was strong! It is the best feeling in the world to be able to serve your brothers and sisters in some way. :)
The work here is really bumpin y'all! Thanks so much for your prayers, I appreciate it so much!
I love you!

Elder Smith

Monday, August 4, 2014

Transfer goal met!

This week was an eventful one! We were able to see 4 of our investigator attend church, found 6 new investigators, and taught over 20 lessons! That was our goal for the transfer, to get our lesson count to climb to 20, so we could help as many people repent as we possibly could!! And the Lord provided a way. We are now trying to transition all that teaching to people making the step and leap of faith and receiving baptism for a remission of their sins! We are still seeing many families return to the church though, which is a great blessing. :)
Also, my exercises in the morning have been going very well! I ran 1.5 miles Friday, 2.5 Saturday, and today we rode our bikes to a nearby disc golf course and played a few holes! :) We also played some a couple hours ago. Good thing we played then, because boy is it pouring now!!
There are so many experiences I'd like to share with you all. I hope you know my lack of detail in writing at times is not because there is nothing to say or talk about, but because there is just soooo much to say!! Anyway, I love you all. Hopefully this week we can all do our best to be a God-send and a miracle in someone else's life. :)

Love, Elder Smith