Monday, August 4, 2014

Transfer goal met!

This week was an eventful one! We were able to see 4 of our investigator attend church, found 6 new investigators, and taught over 20 lessons! That was our goal for the transfer, to get our lesson count to climb to 20, so we could help as many people repent as we possibly could!! And the Lord provided a way. We are now trying to transition all that teaching to people making the step and leap of faith and receiving baptism for a remission of their sins! We are still seeing many families return to the church though, which is a great blessing. :)
Also, my exercises in the morning have been going very well! I ran 1.5 miles Friday, 2.5 Saturday, and today we rode our bikes to a nearby disc golf course and played a few holes! :) We also played some a couple hours ago. Good thing we played then, because boy is it pouring now!!
There are so many experiences I'd like to share with you all. I hope you know my lack of detail in writing at times is not because there is nothing to say or talk about, but because there is just soooo much to say!! Anyway, I love you all. Hopefully this week we can all do our best to be a God-send and a miracle in someone else's life. :)

Love, Elder Smith

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